Woman shares horror balayage salon appointment that left hair ‘falling out in chunks’

When it comes to getting our hair done, we can be very picky about who we let work on our heads.

Many people have their own trusted stylist that they make repeat appointments with, again and again, knowing they will always be satisfied with the outcome – but sometimes even the best can make a mistake.

One woman has recently shared her hair horror story after her regular hairdresser totally destroyed her long flowing locks.

Madison Waller, from Colorado Springs, US, took to TikTok to share a look at the before and after pictures of her hair and her video quickly went viral, as millions of viewers were appalled with the final result.

In her clip, the 20-year-old explains that she told her hairstylist she wanted to try balayage, which is a very natural highlighted look, that allows those with darker hair to add in some lighter colour.

She found a picture of the style she wanted on Pinterest, with some platinum blonde running through and showed it to the man doing her hair.

However, when she was done her hair looked nothing like the picture – instead her entire head had been bleached blonde and had a yellow hue to it.

Madison captioned the video, writing: “It’s been eight months and my hair still falls out by the chunks.”

But perhaps most shockingly of all is that she claims her hairdresser had the nerve to charge her $300 (£216) for the fateful appointment.

Thankfully she has since managed to get a refund after complaining on social media.

“Basically when I got my guy, I texted him saying I wanted to lighten my hair, how much will it be and he said I can get it to you for about $150 and once we were all said and done he’s like ok that’s going to be $300,” she recalled.

“So I paid him, went home and was like maybe it’s just me, let me look, I was up all night crying.

“I ended up messaging their Facebook page with the before and after photos and what I wanted and they said all they could do was give me a refund.

“I got a refund and I went somewhere else and they fixed it for $150 or something and they didn’t know how it had happened.”

In a series of follow-up videos on her account and one on YouTube, she told how her entire head was “fried” and she had to wait two days to get an appointment at a different salon to fix the mess.

She says she was too embarrassed to go to school showing her hair and had to hide it all under a baseball cap.

Eventually, she managed to visit Veda Salon in Colorado Springs and praises their team for working some magic on her hair.

For a while, her hair looked great, but then the toner wore off and the nightmare bleach came back to haunt her.

She has since added a more natural brown colour onto her hair, but mixed with the yellow, she says it has created an unwanted green undertone.

“After the toner wore off it was yellowish again and so I put brown on top and now it has a green undertone.

“I’ve been struggling with it and it’s still dead.”

Madison has reached out to hairdresser and social media star Brad Mondo on TikTok in the hopes he can help save her locks. It’s not clear if he’s seen her video.