Radio DJ horrified after fake tan drops leave her with bright orange face

Lilah Parsons began her career as a model, but she might be thankful she made the switch to radio presenting where it’s easier to hide the results of her recent fake tan fail.

The 33-year-old Heart FM presenter revealed she used fake tan drops for the first time, and while she was promised a “soft, subtle glow”, the outcome was not what she was expecting.

In a video posted to TikTok, Lilah said: “Just a warning to any of my friends, if you don’t see me for a while it’s because I’m undercover because I had a little accident.

“I tried fake tan drops for the first time last night and they’re meant to give you a ‘soft, subtle glow’, and I woke up like this.”

The former Capital Breakfast co-host then showed off her bright orange face, which was several shades darker than her neck.

Lilah captioned the hilarious post: “NEVER FAKE TANNING AGAIN. #fyp #faketan #faketanfail #HELPME.”

The clip has been watched over 288,000 times online, with hundreds of people offering their advice and condolences.

One wrote: “Girl you’re only supposed to use a couple drops.”

While others offered their advice when it comes to removing the striking colour from her face, with lemon juice and face masks among the most popular suggestions.

One fan said: “I heard lemon juice works wonders on removing fake tan.”

And another wrote: “Okay if you have the aha mask from the ordinary or any other good chemical exfoliator it should help lift it!! Good luck.”

Lilah also received comments from people who sympathised with her situation, saying they too have had an embarrassing run-in with fake tan.

One said: “The exact same thing happened to me, it didn’t come off for ages.”

A second wrote: “This happened to me! Not as bad but I literally used 2 drops (could use up to 12) and I was soo dark. Such false advertising.”

And a third said: “When mine went bad it was even worse than this u don’t understand didn’t come off for days.”