Doctor shares ‘skin pinch’ test that will tell if you’re dehydrated in seconds

A doctor has shared a ‘skin pinch’ test that will tell you if you’re dehydrated in seconds – adding that it is a recognised technique known as the Turgor Test.

Dr Karan Raj uploaded a video named ‘dehydration check’ where he reviews the trick that had gone viral on TikTok previously.

The trick is simple, all you have to do is pinch the skin on your finger and watch how long it takes to snap back to normal.

The doctor, who has four million followers on TikTok, approved – saying that it was a recognised technique and works because when you’re dehydrated your skin loses its elasticity.

In the original video, a male voice explains how to perform the technique. He said: “Dehydration check to see how dehydrated you are you have to squeeze your fingertip right here and if it goes back down you’re hydrated.

“If you squeeze it and it stays up like this you are dehydrated.”

And then Dr Raj takes over and says: “This is known as the skin pinch or skin turgor test. The more hydrated you are the more elastic your skin will be and it will bounce back immediately after pinching it.

“If you’re dehydrated the skin loses elasticity and it takes a while to return to normal and it’s more likely to tent up.”

Uploaded on Tuesday, June 29, the video has been viewed over six million times and had more than 685,000 likes alongside a wide range of comments.

One user, with the handle Journey with Rosie, said: “I just tested mine and it stays all the way up, going to get some water now.”

Another, named Ethan, added: “Who else drank water straight after it tented up?”

While a third wrote: “I’m dehydrated for sure, and all I do all day is drink water.”