McDonald’s workers all quit unexpectedly by leaving blunt note and closing restaurant

An entire crew of McDonald’s workers appeared to quit midway through their shift and documented it in a TikTok which has now gone viral.

The video, which has racked up more than 2.3million views already, shows the journey into an unstaffed McDonalds, with a note explaining the absence of workers.

“Everyone quit, we’re closed,” it says.

The camera then pans around the back of the kitchen to demonstrate not a soul is there, with no customers waiting and no orders on the screen ready to be collected.

The eerie video, posted by user @zoey.isback, was captioned: “Well that happened today and it was so funny” alongside a crying face and laughing face emoji.

She then explained in the comment section the reason that the whole team quit that day, after it was suggested it was a row over pay.

“Y’all, we didn’t quit from our pay,” she wrote.

“The store was ran by teenagers and it was a terrible work space. The higher ups had trouble helping us when needed.”

She continued: “It’s a bad job to start with but that’s where most teenagers start for experience so that’s where I put myself.”

Another video posted later on gave more depth into the story, as Zoey documented her shift in more detail, complaining about her bosses.

She captioned the post: “Story time? Here’s a little more I barely recorded that day that’s why. But idk why y’all are so interested on what happened.”

With the video reaching millions of people in a matter of days, many viewers who have worked in the service industry, particularly in the pandemic, offered their support in the comments.

One wrote: “Worker solidarity here! I’m glad everyone quit. That tells me more about how terrible the work place is than the employees. Good for y’all”.

“I think anyone whose worked service is collectively agreeing, good for you guys,” added another.

A third asked: “Can this become a trend in toxic work environments? This is great…. lol”.