5 Methods to Earn Bitcoins Faster

Bitcoin’s popularity has risen over the past years as its value continues to rise up. Bitcoin market prices even hit up to 68 thousand recently. Consequently, it attracted more and more interested investors who are willing to enter the high-risk investment to have high-profit gains for they think that Bitcoin is a worthy investment despite it being a highly volatile market. 

If you also think that Bitcoin is a worthy investment and are curious to know about ways to gain profits faster and effectively, this article is for you. This article will walk you through the top methods you can take to make your Bitcoins gain profits faster. 

Here are the top five methods you should take to create the best opportunities to help your Bitcoin investment earn maximum profits faster. 

  1. Earn Bitcoin as Payment/Salary

There are many enterprises that have started to embrace Bitcoins as a way of payment. This is for the main reason that Bitcoin transactions are much cheaper and faster and it can also provide anonymity. For this very reason, you can start to work to earn Bitcoins. You can start by looking into these enterprises which allow people to work for Bitcoin. This is the most legit way of earning Bitcoins without actually investing in it and entering trades it is also the easiest way of earning Bitcoins. 

Take this as an example, you can look for and apply for a marketing website that uses Bitcoin as payment. Because these marketing companies work with hundreds of other marketers across the globe they incur heavy bills when paying their marketers they opt to wire payments in the form of Bitcoins. The only requirement for this is that you as the payee and your payer are on the Bitcoin network to do this Bitcoin transfer. 

  1. Promote Bitcoins Affiliate Programs

Another way of earning bitcoin without investing your money is through promoting Bitcoin products and services. You can earn Bitcoins through commissions too. You would need to research companies that work to promote Bitcoin affiliate programs and their products and services. To do this you would need to apply for a business that pays your commission in Bitcoins. Once you work in this type of business you can earn your Bitcoins without actually investing your own money in Bitcoins. 

If you want to earn higher Bitcoin profits through your commissions you would need to be a leader of the niche you work for once you have more authority and command you would have more commissions thus more Bitcoins. 

  1. Earn Bitcoins from Interest Payment Through Lending

If you already have your Bitcoin, you can opt to lend them out to earn Bitcoins. As long as you take necessary steps such as agreeing on the percent of interest and the duration of payment. It also helps secure your Bitcoins if you lend them to someone you already know or to a trusted peer on the Bitcoin network. 

Here are the two ways in which you can earn Bitcoins through lending them:

  1. Peer2peer Bitcoin lending – if you opt to use this method you would have to enter a borrowing website because borrowers flock to this kind of site for these websites to provide them with varied borrowing methods. Although you have to deal with as many borrowers as you can so that you can spread the risks your investment will take. 
  1. Bitcoin banking – in this form of lending you would need to deposit your Bitcoin in a Bitcoin Bank wherein your Bitcoin can earn interest over time. You earn your profits because the Bitcoin bank wherein you deposit your Bitcoins will lend it to borrowers who will have to repay with interest. 

Bitcoin lending is a great way to earn Bitcoin fast. However, on the flip side, you would need to be way vigilant about who your borrowers are because Bitcoin is decentralized finance meaning there will be no one to help you when you mess up since you handle all your transactions and money and it is not protected with the law as well so it will be hard to get your Bitcoin back from borrowers who default. 

  1. Earn Bitcoins Through Mining

Bitcoin mining is one of the fastest ways to earn Bitcoins fast. Let us first backtrack and talk about what mining is. Mining Bitcoin is the process of confirming Bitcoin transactions to generate new blocks on the blockchain, in simple terms it is like recording the next page on the Bitcoin ledger only it is digital and is public. Mining Bitcoins is also a way to maintain the number of Bitcoin being circulated since the Bitcoin supply is only limited to 20 million Bitcoins, so mining is a way to avoid inflation. 

To be able to mine Bitcoins, you would need to have and invest in mining equipment this includes a computer with high computing power so you can solve the complex mining algorithms generated by the platform, mining software, and a Bitcoin wallet. 

You need to be aware that miners face complex algorithms so if you want to mine Bitcoins you would need to have excellent technical skills and a complete understanding of how Bitcoin network algorithms work. 

  1. Make Bitcoins Fast Trading in the Exchanges

While all other options are considered as fast methods of earning Bitcoin, earning Bitcoins through trading is the fastest option to earn bitcoin profits. To do trades you would need to sign up to a legit exchange and trading platform – be sure to research a trusted and user-friendly platform before signing up – to exchange your fiat currency to Bitcoin and get your first Bitcoins to do trades with. 

When trading Bitcoins, you would need to study the trades you would enter and understand their risks so you will not lose money just because you did not do your assignment. You need to learn what moves the Bitcoin prices so you know what trades to enter and when to hold, sell, and buy Bitcoins as well as when to exit a trade position. 

Yes, you have a lot of choices to earn Bitcoins faster however keep in mind that you would need to fit your choice of earning to your skills set. In addition, you have to keep in mind that it is important to consider the unique risks every option carries.  If you take precautions and set safety parameters you can significantly lower the risks which your investment will take as well as earn much higher profit.